Should I Make An Outro For My Youtube Videos

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In this article, we’re going to discuss what is an outro on your YouTube videos and why you should consider including them.

But before we jump into what benefits you may have that come from adding an outro to your YouTube videos can do for your content and brand, let’s quickly define what an outro is.

Outros are also known as end screens or end cards on YouTube and are a tool for content providers to promote other content, encourage subscriptions, or take other actions that you’d like viewers to take.

These outros appear at the end of a video and typically last 5-10 seconds to drive your viewers to take action.

Some of the reasons to consider including an outro on your YouTube video include:

  • Increased professionalism
  • Opportunity for better viewer engagement
  • Improved watch times
  • A simple call-to-action for likes, shares, and conversions

Let’s look individually at each benefit of including an outro or end screen on your YouTube channel.

Increased Professionalism

Increased Professionalism

By including an outro at the end of your video, you can significantly enhance your YouTube channel’s professionalism by showcasing your brand.

Using visual elements like an outro will do two things: one, it will increase your brand’s recognition, and two, if done correctly, you’ll increase how memorable your videos are in the minds of your audience.

The more viewers see your brand, the better recognition they have with it, building trust over time that will make it easier to pitch your products and services. The key, though, is to consistently show up with your branded elements, which will build your reputation as a professional brand even more.

Opportunity For Better Viewer Engagement

Opportunity For Better Viewer Engagement

Another benefit of using an outro on your videos is that it can help increase your audience engagement. Also, creating a better viewing experience and helping guide people on your content to similar, related content will enhance their experience, boosting your brand reputation as a result.

When you have other videos or playlists that you want to drive traffic to, you can utilize an outro to draw your viewers’ attention to that related content, which will help your viewers explore, watch, and engage with more of your content, ultimately increasing watch times and subscriber rates.

This tactic will help avoid the quick uptick in views on your videos; as you may have experienced, there are times your content may sometimes get a quick watch boost but quickly die off.

Why does this happen? There are various reasons, but one way to avoid that problem is to have ways to increase viewer engagement organically and strategically, and that’s through better viewer experience.

Also, you can use an outro as an effective way to promote sponsored content and promote collaborations you may have with other channels and creators.

By mentioning other brands and creators, you can generate additional visibility for both your brand and your partner and improve the general visibility of all your content.

The benefit of including an outro on your YouTube video is that you provide your audience with a better experience by giving a sense of an ending to your content.

This one little addition gives the viewer a clear indication that the video is ending, making for a better watching experience and further highlighting your professionalism.

Additionally, you can craft your outro to highlight similar content that your audience may enjoy, and it can encourage more views of content on your channel.

Improved Watchtimes

Improved Watchtimes

By including an outro on your YouTube videos, you’re allowing your channel to improve your overall watch times, an essential criterion for the YouTube algorithm to determine the value and relevance of content on the platform.

With an engaging outro, you can give viewers a clear CTA to drive them to take a desired action, such as checking out more content, clicking the subscribe button, liking your channel, or some other desired action.

In other words, an outro is a strategic way to include a CTA to motivate your viewers. And if you’re using your outro to get your audience to consume more content, you’ll increase their watch times on your channel, helping boost your channel’s overall performance.

The more time users spend on your content, the higher the algorithm ranks your channel and content, so having a strategy to drive viewers to related videos will drastically boost their watch times.

Encouraging users to visit other related videos or subscribe to your channel and playlists through an outro will boost your channel’s watch time metric, which is one of the ways that the platform evaluates what channels and videos to rank and promote.

A Simple CTA

A Simple CTA

Finally, the most significant benefit of an outro is that it allows you to create simple CTAs. That’s because you can design and place your outro to highlight a vital call-to-action button that viewers can click to take your desired action.

One tip: the simpler your CTA on your outro, the better it is for viewers to take the desired action, so make them simple.

That’s true whether you want to grow your audience, increase your video likes, share it on other platforms, or even go to an external website,

When you incorporate a visually appealing outro, whether you use high-quality graphics or animations, you’re more likely to increase subscriptions and other conversions.

Also, you can use your outros to offer incentives like behind-the-scenes, exclusive content, contests, or giveaways to entice them to subscribe and promote your content on their social media accounts.

Ultimately, by implementing a CTA as part of the end of your video, you’ll increase your conversions and engagement, which are essential criteria that YouTube’s algorithm uses to determine how to rank content on the platform.

As a YouTube content creator, growing your channel and gaining a larger audience can be challenging, and one tip to help is to use a strong outro.

With a strong outro on your YouTube videos, you’re encouraging viewers to continue consuming your content, increase your subscriptions, and drive traffic to external sites, whatever your conversion goals are.

What’s more, an outro can be used to drive viewers to other offerings, including promoting products and services so that you can boost your sales by leveraging the platform.

Finally, a strategically crafted outro will create a lasting impression on your viewers while increasing your engagement on your channel.

Through an influential outro, you’re simplifying the steps you want your viewers to take so they can like, share, and engage with your content and entice them to continue interacting with it.

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Should I Make An Outro For My Youtube Videos?